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Hornets Removal Service

Bald-faced hornets are a type of wasp that share many notable traits with yellow jackets.  They’re much larger, black insects with a white spot on their face and have a fairly hostile disposition.  Their nesting habits are very similar to that of a yellow jacket nest, they produce large, paper globes, almost always on the outside of a house or in the branches of a tree.  They reach maturity in late summer and build new nests every year after most of the population dies off in the early winter.

Hornet Removal

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Hornet Removal Service

When treating for hornet nests, we provide site specific services to resolve the issue at hand.  Our treatment options are specific hornet control and vary some depending on the species and environment we’re working with.  We offer single site, one time treatment service as well as whole house inspection and preventative treatment services. We target the locations around a home these insects are prone to nest, as well as offer suggestions and methods for minimizing their presence.  Earlier in the year it can be beneficial to treat these locations around your home to stop infestations before they create multiple or substantial hives.  We don’t typically treat trees, bushes or flower beds unless there is an apparent hive located within.  Many beneficial insects forage to the flowers and leaves on trees and plants and they aren’t necessarily threatening or harmful.  We do offer live removal and relocation services for hornet nests for customers who request it on a case by case basis.


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