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Yellow Jacket Removal

Yellow jackets are a species of wasp, but they’re commonly mistaken for honey bees due to their foraging patterns and their short, stout exoskeletons.  Yellow jackets can be distinguished by their bright yellow and black striped abdomens and for the yellow pattern found on their backs resembling a jacket and collar.  They create new hives annually and don’t necessarily infest the same location year after year.  Yellow jacket nests are easily recognizable as grey, paper globes that begin about the size of a golf ball and mature to be the size of a basketball.  They can also be found in a “ground-nesting” variety that will excavate loose sand or dirt from underneath porch slabs and in retaining walls.  They’re also commonly found inside the structure of a home or building, much like honey bees but with a much worse temperament.  A mature hive can contain thousands of insects by mid to late summer and will viciously protect themselves if they feel threatened.  They’re known to be very sensitive to loud noise, vibrations and movement.

Yellow Jacket Removal

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