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bumble bee removal

Bumble Bee Removal

Bumble bees are fairly recognizable and there are a couple different types we find in Colorado.  They’re large, fuzzy, round bees that have bright yellow stripes and sometimes a small orange dot on their abdomen.  Bumble bees typically prefer to burrow their hives in loose fill dirt as well as piles of grass or leaves.  They’re also known to nest in eroded cavities under porch slabs or in the insulation found in attics and joist bays.  If their hive is disturbed they can become aggressive but they’re usually fairly docile.  They’re significant pollinators similar to honey bees, only their populations and hive sizes are much smaller.  An average hive might be the size of a softball and contain around 50 insects or so.  We always try and relocate bumble bee hives in any instance possible and will encourage our customers to consider living with the bees as opposed to exterminating them if their hive is not accessible.

Bumble Bee Removal

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